My final project for Intro to New Media

[One of my classmates][1] in Prof. Macek’s new media course requested I post a link to my final paper on my blog, so here you go: “[Captioning & accessible video on the Web][2]”. I was also asked about whether or not any progress had been made towards a useful, automatic captioning system based on speech recognition. I’m too sure about developments in this area, but I did find a short paper by Trmal, et al. describing [an automatic speech recognition–based system for captioning parliamentary meetings in the Czech Republic][3]. The system appears to be reasonably successful; however, the paper notes that captioning parliamentary sessions is, in some ways, unusually easy due to the carefully enforced rules of procedure which ensure that a speaker’s voice is generally unimpeded by the voices of others and by background noise. [1]: [2]: [3]:

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