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I [mentioned previously][1] that part of my Intro to New Media homework was to post some writing assignments to my North Central College Web space. I’m presently working on the first of these assignments (a brief ethnography of an online community), and I figured I ought to at least put a basic site design together in advance. So, without further ado, check out [my school homepage][2]. Some brief notes: * It’s not very pretty. I’m a coder, not a designer. Sorry ’bout that. * I’m not thrilled with how the navigation links in the sidebar look. I’ll see if I can come up with something better to do with them. * It’s intentionally light on content. Except for required school assignments and a few other small pages, I plan to keep my school site simple and succinct. This blog (``) will continue to be my primary Internet presence in the long run. * Static pages were generated with the aid of [Poole][3], an amazing useful open-source templating engine written in Python. * I have primarily tested the site in Firefox 3.6, Chrome 8.0, and Safari 5. Due to time constraints, I have not yet done any testing in Opera; however, I suspect it renders equally well in this and any other modern, standards-friendly browser. * It looks pretty good in IE 8, surprisingly. Rendering is decent in IE 7 and IE 6, though some things are a bit suboptimal here. * The site makes heavy use of [HTML5 elements][4], and Remy Sharp’s [HTML5 shiv][5] is used to allow legacy IE versions to style new elements like `section` and `aside`. This has the unfortunate side effect of totally breaking the layout in Internet Explorer pre–version 9 when JavaScript is disabled. Since the (partially unstyled) content is still readable, I am honestly not very concerned about this. * One of the Web fonts the site tries to load (Fertigo Pro Italic) doesn’t work in Mobile Safari. Text in that font ends up totally invisible. I’m still trying to figure out what the problem is. * Feedback is, as always, quite welcome. If you spot a typo or a broken link, or if you just have some constructive criticism, don’t hesitate to contact me. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]:

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  1. Laura Kizior says:

    I wish my website looked as nice as that! Dr. St. Clair’s class seems so far away–I wish I could remember ANYTHING about CSS…right now I’m dreading trying to update my site for this ethnography…

    Since you asked for feedback, here you go:
    -I think your sidebar links are good, except for the fact that when you hover over them the text is blue (a dark, forest green would be better, to match the box beside the text)
    -you might want to rethink some of the colors: blue/pink/peach/green… too many different colors has an overwhelming effect on your audience 😛
    -and don’t write about all the stuff you don’t know in the first paragraph–you probably know way more than you give yourself credit for knowing =)


    • Jon says:

      Hey Laura, thanks for commenting. The feedback is definitely appreciated!

      I agree about the sidebar links. I’ve changed the link color to a deep green, and I also made the link background lighter to increase the contrast here. I did tone the pink down a tiny bit, though I still want it to be fairly vibrant.

      And you’re right, I should probably give myself a little more credit. It’s just that the stuff I don’t know seems much more interesting than the stuff I do know. I plan to put a “micro-resume” of sorts up, so that should balance things out a bit. 🙂

      Oh, and don’t worry about not knowing enough about Web development. You can always start with something basic and then add to it, learning HTML and CSS as you go along. Plus, from what I saw of your work in the Flash class, you have a good eye for design, something that I lack. 🙂

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